Conditions of carriage

Transport Pricelist

The shipping within Slovakia for all orders is free of charge.

Delivery Time
Goods that are in stock are usually dispatched on the second business day after receiving the order (all goods listed in the e-shop are in stock, but in limited quantities). The contracting carrier declares delivery time of one business day. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the delivery period runs on the day the full amount is credited to the Seller's account (the account number and variable symbol will be sent to you by e-mail after ordering. If you want to make sure the ordered goods are in stock before paying the amount, contact us by phone or e-mail). Maximum shipping time is 14 business days. In the case of possible complications (eg ordered wine is not in stock and is sold or is expected to wait longer for bottling) our staff will contact you to change or cancel the order.

The Transport
The transport of ordered goods is carried out in accordance with the shipping and handling conditions of the contracting courier company. Your goods are protected against impact and damage by special cardboard packaging during transport. The transport of goods includes transport packaging, insurance of your goods and three attempts to deliver the goods. Delivery fees are included in the final price of the order. Delivery of the consignment with the ordered goods is confirmed by the buyer's signature on the delivery list of the contracting courier company. If it is not possible to deliver the consignment at the first delivery attempt, the consignor shall give written notice to the consignee. The deliverer will then attempt to resend the shipment the next business day. When receiving the shipment, check its condition, if the package shows signs of damage (deformed shape, overflowing content, etc.), do not take it and write a complaint letter with the courier company. If you take over the package and confirm it with your signature, further complaint with the carrier is impossible and the shipment is considered delivered.

Service within the European Union
We also provide transport within the European Union, but due to different transport costs, the price of transport is handled individually according to the weight of the shipment.